Centurion University Program

Centurion University Program

Thamarrurr Youth has partnered with Centurion University to provide a program for individuals from the community of Wadeye to travel to Bhubaneswar in India and study at the Centurion University. This program will be split into two cohorts, the first being a group of girls and the second cohort boys. During their stay they will attend Centurion University for 20 weeks, this will be done through two seperate blocks, alternating between boys and girls. The participants will be completing an introductory accredited course in textiles and mechanics as well as training in opportunities such as leadership, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

Through this program we aim to further individual's leadership capabilities and skills and provide an opportunity to study coursework at a university level and to bring these skills back to the community in Wadeye.


The Centurion University

The Centurion University has created a unique environment that ensure tailored learning and employability paths for young people for Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Many of these young people speak their local traditional languages and have been previously excluded from the higher education system.

Centurion has focused on 'hands-on', 'experience based', 'practice oriented' learning that creates transformative impact through community centric innovation and action research. while promoting nano, mini, and micro enterprises, the university works toward learning experiences that are 'quantifiable', 'sustainable', 'scalable', and 'replicable'.



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